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The right to own a firearm or handgun is readily protected in Texas. It is easy to assume that this means there aren’t any gun charges in Harris County. However, this is far from the case. Harris County law enforcement brings thousands of charges each year into the illegal possession, ownership, and use of firearms. These gun charges span a range of actions and severity, and if charged you need the knowledge and support of a Harris County Gun Charges Lawyer for your defense.

At Greco Neyland, our Houston-based team is prepared to take your case for gun charges. We bring a wealth of knowledge to the table and a reputation for success in Texas criminal cases. In fact, criminal law is our only focus and it makes us strong advocates for your defense to gun charges in Harris County.

What Are the Gun Laws in Harris County?

Texas is known for some of the United States most gun-friendly laws and regulations. The laws actively uphold the right to own and carry a firearm or handgun for the purpose of protection. As of 2015, there is the right to open carry throughout the state.

The stance on supporting legal gun ownership does not mean Harris County is lax about its gun laws. Several statutes in the Texas Penal Code criminalize unlawfully owning, carrying or using firearms, including:

  • Carrying a firearm on the property where it is specifically prohibited;
  • Allowing a child to unreasonably access a firearm or handgun;
  • Use of a gun in the commission of a crime; and
  • Failing to register a handgun, when applicable;
  • Unlawfully possessing a handgun or firearm

A criminal lawyer in Harris County provides a strong defense to any of these accusations. The statutes that lead to gun charges in Harris County or Houston can be found in Chapter 46 of the Texas Penal Code. The most common charges under this chapter are:

  • Unlawfully carrying weapons: The carrying of handguns, illegal knives, and certain other weapons is only permitted with a proper permit. The failure to follow licensing and permitting requirements for a handgun can result in charges for unlawfully carrying a handgun under Section 46.01 of the Texas Penal Code. This is a misdemeanor offense.
  • Unlawful possession of a firearm: There are very few restrictions on the ownership and permitting of firearms, other than handguns, in Texas. However, individuals are not permitted to own or possess firearms within five years of a felony conviction or conviction for domestic assault. The charges, if such individual is found in possession of a firearm, are called unlawful possession of a firearm, a felony in the third degree.
  • Guns on a firearm-free school zone: Firearms, including handguns, are not permitted within 300 feet of any school in Texas. Failure to follow this regulation, even as a legal and licensed gun owner, results in heightened charges under the Texas Penal Code.
  • Making firearms accessible to a child: No one under the age of 18 is permitted to possess a firearm, without the consent or a parent or guardian. A licensed gun owner or firearm owner is also required to make reasonable efforts to keep firearms from the possession of a minor. Failure to secure a firearm or leaving a firearm in a place where a child could reasonably gain access to it is a class A misdemeanor in Harris County.

Hire a Gun Charges Lawyer in Harris County

Calling a criminal lawyer can be intimidating, but it is also the first step towards a strong defense to gun charges. At Greco Neyland, we make the process of finding a gun charges lawyer easy. Our office provides a confidential, initial consultation with one of our experienced Harris County Gun Charges Lawyer at no cost. You can schedule this free meeting by calling our office.

Start building your defense to gun charges in Harris County.


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