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Firm Overview :: Harris County Criminal Attorney Greco Neyland, PC

Firm Overview

The Houston criminal defense law firm of Greco Neyland, PC has its origin in the streets of Houston. Years ago a young Jeffery Greco was clerking for a criminal defense law firm in Austin, TX. They convinced him that despite his disdain for the prosecution, he needed to become a prosecutor so he would receive unparalleled training and trial experience. He graduation from law school and shortly thereafter, he was hired by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, under then D.A. Chuck Rosenthal’s tenure.

Jeff quickly began trying cases in multiple courts in the misdemeanor division. He would receive multiple promotions from misdemeanor to the JP division, to the Juvenile division and finally achieving the coveted position of a felony prosecutor. It was here that Jeff was exposed to the most serious offenses that were being prosecuted in Houston, Texas.

The trial experience and the ability to work on a vast amount of serious felony cases was not only exciting, but Jeff was getting an education from some of the best criminal lawyers in the Country. Harris County, Texas is known for having some of the best prosecutors as well as defense lawyers in the nation. Jeff Greco was able to learn from the best of the best. He garnered as much knowledge from that as he could and he uses that to the benefit of each one of his clients.

Many defense lawyers will proudly tell you that they were never a prosecutor, like that is an achievement of some kind. I disagree with them. I got paid a yearly salary to basically hone my skills and learn from some of the best criminal lawyers not only in the State of Texas, but in the United States. I proudly tell people I am a former prosecutor when they ask me about my legal experience. I don’t tell them that because I was proud to prosecute people that are now seeking my services. I tell them that because people know just what a quality education and training young prosecutors receive during their time at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. They know immediately that former Harris County prosecutors have a burning desire to try cases. We like to fight – end of story.

The philosophy we abide by at Greco Neyland, PC is simple: “prove it or try it.” You claim my client is guilty, so prove it. If not, dismiss it or set it for trial. We like to fight. We don’t lie down and accept what the prosecutor says happened, just because they are saying so. We were hired to do a job and we plan on doing it.

The only way we can effectively represent any client is to begin with the upper hand from the outset. We have to know more than the other side knows or we are going to be at a disadvantage from the get go. We need to know the law better, we need to know our case better. There is a lot of work that goes into each and every case. The better prepared we are, the better the outcome will be. It is that simple.

As we have mentioned before, we are not a big firm. We don’t sign up the case and pass you off to a subordinate of ours. We pride ourselves on personal attention to each and every case. We give our clients our email address as well as our personal cell phone number. We are always just a phone call or email away. We understand that most clients are on edge and cannot wait for an entire evening or weekend to pass before they are given an answer to a question they have. We embrace that notion and we are happy to give you the answers to your questions as they come up so that you can remain fully informed and understand the process of your case.

We pride ourselves in gearing up for battle with the government. We understand that each client has a different set of problems they bring with them on any given case. Our job is to be there as a protector and fighter for our clients.

Don’t settle for a lawyer who will put forth little effort when this is the most important thing going on in your life and the outcome will affect you for a long time to come. Call us today to set up a free initial consultation.