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Jeffery Greco, or “Jeff” as he is known, is the founding member of Greco Neyland, PC. He opened this firm with one goal in mind: to help those people who were caught in between a rock and a hard place. That is a very familiar place for just about every one facing criminal charges.

Jeff is a native Houstonian, having been born in Houston’s Sharpstown area, then moving to Alief, and finally settling in to the Southwest side of Houston. Jeff is not a trust fund recipient like so many of his peers at college and law school. Jeff was taught that hard work and perseverance were the key to success in life. He was taught were early on that no one was going to give you anything in life. If you wanted something, you were going to have to take it. He takes that philosophy with him every day when he enters the criminal courthouse. No one is going to “give” his client a dismissal. He is going to have to take it.

Jeff worked his way though college and law school, working 2 and sometimes 3 jobs at a time to pay his way through school and to live. Doing so was not easy, but it caused him to appreciate the classes he took and to not drop any of his classes (since he was the one paying for them). No stranger to hard work, Jeff knew that he could achieve whatever he wanted, if he was willing to work hard enough.

Jeff’s interest in criminal law stemmed from an unfortunate run in with the local police at the age of 17 in which Jeff found himself behind bars for a crime he did not commit. Jeff was arrested for public intoxication at a high school party, which would have been fine if Jeff had been drinking – he was not. He was arrested because the police wanted to make an example – they wanted to show everyone that they were in charge and they could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. They were, for lack of a better phrase, above the law. Jeff took his case to trial by himself and had the Judge promptly dismiss his case and even apologized to him for the officer putting him through this ordeal. It was during this process that Jeff learned that they police really were above the law. They could do whatever they wanted to whomever they wanted, unless someone was there to call them out and fight against this behavior. He thought if he was arrested for something so minor as public intoxication when he had not even had a drink, how many other people were in jail for crimes they did not commit? Jeff vowed to be a voice for the citizen accused. He vowed to provide effective representation so that no person felt like they had no one to help them fight their case.

Jeff began his career while still in undergraduate school, working for a criminal defense law firm. These guys became his mentors. As they were all former prosecutors, they convinced him that he needed to get hired at a District Attorney’s office to get a quality education and an opportunity to try as many criminal cases to a jury as he could.

Jeff applied, and was subsequently hired out of a pool of 500 applicants from the Harris County District Attorney’s office in 2006. He quickly was thrown right into the thick of it and began trying misdemeanor DWIs and assault cases. Jeff performed so well (having only lost 1 misdemeanor jury trial out of 10) that he was promoted to the Juvenile Division where he was responsible for handling both misdemeanor and felony juvenile cases. He was then promptly promoted again, only this time he was promoted to the coveted position of a felony prosecutor. As a felony prosecutor, Jeff was able to try aggravated robberies, aggravated assaults and large drug cases. Jeff even had the opportunity to try an attempted capital murder of a police officer case. After another year at the felony level, Jeff was promoted to the position of Chief Prosecutor of a misdemeanor court. This meant that Jeff was now in charge of training the new prosecutors under his tutelage. After some time, Jeff realized that he had received all the training he would need before he stepped out and opened his own law firm to put into practice what he had been trained to do. Jeff opened his practice in 2008 and has been helping criminal clients all over the state of Texas ever since.

Jeff has a penchant for trying cases before a jury. Jeff is very comfortable in front of a jury, regardless of the case he is charged with trying. He understands that often times a jury trial is the only way to get the justice that his clients deserve. Jeff’s background as a Harris County Chief Prosecutor is invaluable in his day-to-day dealings in the criminal courthouse. Having that training and experience allows him to more effectively represent clients because he knows how prosecutors think and he knows what little tricks they try to pull in cases. He knows this because he was once in their shoes. It is this training and experience that allows him to be the defense attorney he is today.

Jeff’s reputation is that of a hard-nosed defense lawyer. Jeff fights for his clients and is not afraid to try the hard cases. Jeff is a huge baseball fanatic and knows that a hitter will never hit the ball if he doesn’t swing the bat. Trying cases is no different. You cannot win what you do not try (unless they dismiss the case pre-trial).

When clients hire attorney Jeff Greco, they know that they have a fighter on their side. They know he will not sugar coat things, but rather, he will give it to them straight and tell them how we can fix the problem. Jeff doesn’t back down from a fight. More often than not, Jeff is the one picking the fight, but you have to have that kind of criminal defense lawyer if you want to win the tough cases. You need someone who is not afraid to buck the system. You need someone who will not back down when told to do so. You need someone who will be in your corner, fighting for you, watching your back. Call a lawyer with years of proven results in court.


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