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The laws in Harris County that criminalize burglary and similar trespass offenses are robust and thorough. If you are charged with these crimes you can face an extensive criminal sentence that includes time in state prison and a serious criminal fine. Your defense to these burglary charges is incredibly important.

At Greco Neyland, our Houston-based team of burglary lawyers is familiar with the Texas laws on burglary and the Harris County courts that handle these cases. Our practice is entirely focused on criminal law in Harris County and nearby areas, which gives us a big advantage in building your defense. We are knowledgeable, accessible, and ready to be your Harris County Burglary Lawyer.

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Understanding Harris County’s Definition of Burglary

Each state has its own burglary statute. These laws can differ in some significant ways, and that makes it important to understand the exact law applicable in Harris County. All misdemeanors and felonies in Harris County are set by the State of Texas in the Texas Penal Code. This set of laws cover criminal laws for Houston and Harris County, including crimes such as prostitution, grand larceny, and gun charges.

Burglary in Harris County is when an individual trespasses on the property of another person with the intent to commit a crime. This includes unlawfully entering the property of another by any means, including force or breaking and entering, and at any time of day. As well, burglary in Harris County can apply to:

  • Homes and private residences;
  • Commercial building and offices;
  • Industrial parks and warehouse spaces;
  • Out-buildings, sheds, and detached garages;
  • Boats that are designed for overnight use; and
  • Vacation homes, hotels, and bed-and-breakfasts.

Burglary of a home or private residence is treated more seriously than burglary of an office or commercial building. Other circumstances that can make burglary a more serious offense is entering when it is known that the property is occupied and causing serious harm to an individual on the property.

What Laws Criminalize Burglary in Harris County?

Burglary is an extremely serious offense in Harris County. Under the Texas Penal Code, burglary is always a felony offense. The gravest charges for felony burglary in Harris County is a first-degree felony.

In Harris County, a first-degree felony can lead to a lifetime in prison and payment of very serious criminal fines. When charged with this burglary crime, you need the support and knowledge of a Harris County burglary lawyer. Our team at Greco Neyland Attorneys at Law provides a first-rate defense to these life-changing charges.

Burglary is criminalized in Section 30.20 of the Texas Penal Code. Under this statute, burglary in Harris County is:

  1. Entering the building or home of another person;
  2. Without the permission of the property’s owner; and
  3. With the intent to commit a crime while inside or on the property.

In Harris County, you must have the intent to commit a specific set of crimes while unlawful on the property of another person. These crimes are:

  1. Felonies;
  2. Theft; or
  3. Assault.

It is a common argument by Harris County criminal lawyers to argue that a defendant only had the intent to commit a misdemeanor offense on the property, and thus beat the charges for burglary in Harris County.

Hire a Top Burglary Lawyer in Harris County

You deserve the best defense to burglary charges in Harris County. This top-notch defense comes from a Harris County law firm or legal team with extensive experience handling burglary and other violent offenses. We tackle your case on an individualized and strategic basis to give you the very best chance of an acquittal.

If you’re ready to hire a top burglary lawyer in Harris County, contact Greco Neyland at our Houston law office.


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