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If you are facing federal white collar crime charges in Houston, Texas, such as wire fraud or bank fraud, it is key to have experienced and knowledgeable legal representation on your side. A Houston federal white collar crimes lawyer from Greco Neyland, PC, can take into account all the details of your case. We can then work to protect your rights and mount a strong and aggressive defense to achieve optimal case outcomes.

The federal white collar criminal defense legal team at Greco Neyland, PC, understands the stakes that can be associated with such serious charges. A conviction of a white collar federal crime can lead to serious penalties, including years in prison and millions of dollars in fines, along with collateral damages. Furthermore, not only must you fear these criminal penalties, but your reputation is also on the line, which can impact your financial success and even your personal relationships.

Therefore, our Houston-based law firm can fight for your case, designating adequate resources and legal knowledge to craft a comprehensive defense. We can also compellingly represent your interests in the courtroom.

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What Is Texas White Collar Crime?

White-collar crime cases in Texas can be high-profile or less covered by the public, and they can involve a person, a group, organizations, and even networks of organizations. White-collar crimes are typically classified as non-violent crimes that are driven by the motivation to make financial gains, normally by using tactics such as manipulation, deceit, and fraud.

While white collar crimes typically tend to be associated with the financial industry, they can also stretch across varying sectors and take place in different settings. Oftentimes, individuals who are charged with federal white collar crimes are not even aware that they have broken any laws. Our Houston-based law firm understands that many individuals can make mistakes and be charged for such crimes, which can be a sudden and overwhelming situation.

Penalties for Federal White Collar Crimes

Penalties for federal white collar crimes are generally established by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, but there are additional federal statutes that can further contribute to the imposition of penalties. Such legislation and statutes lay the legal framework for criminal penalties, such as prison sentencing and fines.

Because federal white collar crimes tend to have serious penalties when compared to Texas state convictions, it is absolutely critical to have an attorney on your side who can fight for your rights and negotiate lower sentences.

The penalties associated with a federal white collar crime case can vary but might involve:

  • Fines: Individuals, as well as organizations or businesses, can be charged large amounts of statutory fines. These can surpass the amount that they are capable of paying, even pushing them to the point of bankruptcy.
  • Recoupment and Restitution: In terms of financial penalties, many convicted organizations or individuals may have to pay other fees, such as restitution and recoupment, in addition to further payments.
  • Federal Prison Time: Federal white collar crimes can often include mandatory minimum sentences. For individuals or organizations facing two or more federal charges, the federal sentencing periods can drastically increase.
  • Probation: If you are not able to have your case dismissed or certain evidence suppressed, it can be ideal to work toward getting probation or alternative sentencing measures to prison time.
  • Further Statutory Penalties: In addition to prison time and fines, individuals can be threatened with further statutory penalties, such as exclusion from access to Medicaid or Medicare and not being able to register with the SEC or DEA.

The Houston federal white collar crime lawyers at Greco Neyland, PC, can analyze the details of your charges and help you understand the penalties that you might be facing. Through each step of the legal proceedings against you, they can work to get your charges reduced or dropped and, if necessary, negotiate alternative sentencing on your behalf to minimize your penalties.

Federal Criminal Charges vs. Texas State Criminal Charges

Facing Texas state charges is drastically different from dealing with federal criminal charges. These criminal legal proceedings have different steps and are handled by different organizations. Furthermore, the laws that govern such crimes are different as well. With a federal crime, the potential for receiving severe penalties is much higher. This is why you need to hire white collar crime defense attorneys who have significant experience defending charges at both levels.

At our law firm, our Houston federal criminal lawyers are familiar with the federal criminal process, from the investigation phase by federal agencies to a grand jury hearing. Throughout each phase of the federal criminal legal process, our lawyers can support you by protecting your rights and filing relevant motions to put an end to the investigations or indictments against you. If your case goes to trial, we have the experience and defense skills to represent you in the courtroom.

Federal Agencies Investigating and Prosecuting White Collar Crimes

There are several agencies at the federal level that have the mandate to carry out investigations and prosecute white collar federal crimes. The agency that may carry out investigations for your case could be multiple or just one, and it will depend on the nature of the allegations against you. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) are the key federal investigators and prosecutors of these crimes.

Furthermore, federal agencies that could also be involved in the investigation of white collar crimes include:

  • The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
  • The US Department of Labor (DOL)
  • The Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations (IRS-CI)
  • The US Department of Defense (DOD)

If you suspect that there are ongoing federal investigations against you, contact a federal white collar crimes criminal lawyer from Greco Neyland, PC, today.

Common Houston Federal White Collar Crime Charges

Individuals, groups, or organizations, such as businesses, can be implicated in Houston federal white collar crime charges. Such crimes are usually characterized as non-violent, but they can be charged in parallel with violent federal crimes.

Some common white collar federal crimes that Greco Neyland, PC, typically sees clients charged with include:

  • Fraud: This can include bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Bank fraud involves carrying out fraud-related actions to get certain property or assets from a financial institution. Mail fraud requires leveraging the postal service for fraud-related activities. Wire fraud entails any use of electronic methods to defraud an individual, and federal-level offenses typically involve communication across state lines.
  • Tax Evasion: Tax evasion crimes are characterized as a meaningful attempt at not having to pay federal taxes to the U.S. government. Such investigations typically involve the IRS.
  • Money Laundering: Money laundering involves trying to cover up the origins of money that was illegally obtained by moving it through varying accounts, individuals, or organizations, such as illegitimate organizations or accounts overseas.
  • Embezzlement: Embezzlement involves an individual stealing or abusing funds that they were entrusted with. Individuals charged with such federal crimes are usually bankers, finance employees, and public officials.
  • Securities Fraud: Common securities fraud crimes include insider trading and stock market manipulation. Insider trading happens when a person who is in a position of power in an organization or company has critical information that they abuse to gain financial assets, usually by selling or buying securities, and without sharing the information before doing so.
  • Stock Market Manipulation: Such crimes include carrying out stock market-related activities to influence the system unfairly and leverage gain.
  • Racketeering: Established under the RICO Act, such crimes involve large patterns of criminal activity. These can involve multiple offenses and are part of a greater criminal network.
  • Identity Theft: Such charges involve taking someone’s personal information and using it to commit fraudulent acts, such as getting credit under their name or opening credit card accounts.
  • Bribery and Corruption: These crimes include asking for or receiving financial-related or other favors of value in exchange for certain influence over people or actions. Corruption crimes often include public corruption, in which public officials are charged with carrying out such practices in the government.

An individual facing federal white collar crimes in Texas could be going up against a large number of federal charges, depending on the nature of the crimes that they are being charged with.

Furthermore, such cases are complex and are prosecuted by the FBI or DOJ. If you are facing one or more charges for white collar federal crimes, our devoted and passionate legal team can assist you with mounting your defense.

Understanding the Federal Criminal Legal Process for White Collar Crimes

The criminal legal process for federal crimes is complex and can involve many federal agencies and legal actors, ranging from the initial investigation phase to the final decision and potentially appealing it.

The federal white collar crime lawyers at Greco Neyland, PC, have years of experience walking clients through the legal process, and we can help represent you and protect your rights throughout yours. While the process is different for each case, the federal criminal process follows a general outline.

The Federal Criminal Investigation and Arrest Phase

If a federal agency has reasonable suspicion to believe that a federal crime is being committed, such as through monitoring or a tip, then they will initiate investigations. Such agencies carrying out the investigations could be the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), for example.

Even if you believe that you are only a witness, if you or your organization is under investigation by the DOJ or other federal entities, then it is critical to secure excellent legal representation as soon as possible.

If enough incriminating evidence is found, such as certain documents or media, then federal agents can work to obtain a search or arrest warrant, or they might carry out actions to collect further evidence. They will start to make their initial arrests, which could be of one individual or multiple people tied to a crime. Thereafter, the detainee will have their initial appearance in front of a federal magistrate judge. During this hearing, they will be informed of their charges and their rights.

In many cases, an individual who is detained by the federal government can post bail under certain conditions. If you have been arrested and are being detained by the federal government, a criminal defense attorney from our law firm can negotiate to get you released, or we can work to get your bail amount reduced. We can also represent you during the initial hearing process, making sure that your rights are respected.

Grand Jury Proceedings in Houston, Texas

Grand jury proceedings are held behind closed doors and are led by federal prosecutors, who only have the intention of ensuring that you are indicted. They can sway the evidence that is presented in a manner that does not give you adequate representation or protect your rights.

The grand jury is mandated with the task of going over all evidence that is collected against you and brought forward by the prosecution. If the grand jury believes that there is enough evidence to implicate you in a crime, then they will indict you.

After an indictment, the arraignment phase begins, in which the formal charges are brought forward in a court hearing. At the arraignment hearing, the defendant should give an answer to these charges, otherwise known as entering a plea. There are three answers that can be given: pleading guilty, pleading not guilty, or stating no contest.

Discovery, Pretrial Motions, and Federal Trial

During the discovery phase after the arraignment hearing, there is an exchange of evidence, in which both the prosecution and the defense collect and analyze documents that are relevant to the case.

Based on evidence emerging during the discovery process, criminal defense attorneys can work to file certain motions that can enhance outcomes for the defendant, such as getting charges dismissed, suppressing certain evidence that was obtained, or bringing forward any pertinent legal issues before the trial.

Prior to the trial phase, the defense and prosecution may start carrying out negotiations to avoid going to trial. There are such cases in which there is sufficient evidence against the defendant, so it may be optimal for them to plead guilty and negotiate a lesser charge to see less severe penalties.

Federal Trial Process

After jury candidates go through certain criteria and pass through the selection process, the trial will commence. As opposed to a state jury, a federal jury can hear multiple cases in one day, having to meet up every couple of weeks, depending on the number of cases that are being processed in the jurisdiction. During the trial, both the defense and prosecution bring up the evidence that is relevant to support their legal arguments, calling witnesses to the stand as well.

After all evidence is presented and arguments are made, the jury has to decide whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty, after which they will announce the verdict. If the defendant is found guilty by the jury, then they will have to attend a sentencing hearing, in which their penalties are determined.

Appealing Federal White Collar Crime Verdicts in Houston

If you have been found guilty of committing a federal white collar crime in Houston, then you still have some options. A federal criminal defense attorney from Greco Neyland, PC, can help you appeal the verdict that you have received. An appeal is sent up to a higher level in the court system and can pass through multiple levels. They can also work to get your sentence reduced.

What Is a Houston Federal White Collar Crimes Defense Attorney?

A Houston federal criminal defense attorney is a legal professional who has extensive experience representing people or organizations in Houston who have been charged with committing federal white collar crimes.

White collar crimes are characterized as nonviolent, financially motivated crimes that involve deceptive, fraudulent practices to make personal financial gain. People in Houston of all job sectors and walks of life can be charged with such crimes, and such an attorney can help them fight back against their charges.

Federal defense attorneys working in white collar defense can handle a range of cases related to complicated business or financial-related crimes. The federal white collar defense attorneys at Greco Neyland, PC, are particularly experienced in navigating these complex legal federal processes, as we have a history of working with federal agencies that investigate such crimes, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Our legal professionals can assist you with negotiating federal settlements or plea deals, and we can also work toward building up a defense strategy against your charges in a trial.

Seek Formidable Support From a Houston Federal White Collar Crimes Lawyer

Houston white collar crime cases can be particularly stressful and complicated, considering that they typically deal with multiple federal agencies, along with various federal statutes and legislation that can govern the legal framework of your case.

A Houston federal white collar crimes lawyer from Greco Neyland, PC, can get you the support that you need to protect your rights and fight back against your charges at each stage of the federal legal process. Get in touch with our loyal, knowledgeable white collar crimes team today to get started.


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