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Ben Pearce, has been a pivotal member of Greco Neyland PC from its foundation. Jumping into practice with the seasoned defense attorneys and former prosecutors at Greco Neyland, Ben quickly set out to prove his merit.

Ben is a lifelong Houston resident, and is the first member of his family to become an attorney. He worked his way through college where he would graduate from the University of Texas, Austin with a bachelor’s in Economics and a double minor in Psychology and Business Administration.

After finishing undergrad, Ben attended law school at Thurgood Marshall School of Law back in his hometown of Houston. Capitalizing on a merit-based scholarship earned from his undergraduate accomplishments, Ben was set out to prepare himself to hit the ground running once his inevitable graduation and licensure came to pass. After his first year of law school, Ben started an internship with Attorney Dustan Neyland. This opportunity allowed him to assist on serious cases, a far cry from the hypotheticals presented in the classroom. Such cases included the successful suppression of over 100 pounds of marijuana, not guilty trial verdicts, and practical appellate research.

As with any attorney at Greco Neyland, an understanding of what it takes to prosecute a case is paramount. Ben earned a coveted spot in the Thurgood Marshall School of Law’s academic externship program with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. Throughout his final year of law school, he gained practical knowledge of the inner workings of criminal prosecutions.

Ben strives for his goal to provide equality under the law at every opportunity for his clients. From the moment he set out for law school his mind was made up, he wanted to work on matters of substance and have a true impact on the lives of his clients. Of course, nothing matters more than arguing cases that deal with a person’s freedom. He knew he had to become a criminal-defense lawyer.

Ben has found particular aptitude in utilizing the grand jury process to find success for our clients. A process avoided by many attorneys as they decry it a waste of effort which actually requires a defense attorney to work and not just “show up” to court. By breaking down complex and voluminous cases into straightforward presentments, Ben has been able to yield many positive results on cases where prosecutors relied upon quantity over quality of evidence.


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