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Excellent representation!

Mr. Neyland was very thorough in explaining the approach and outcomes for the desired game plan. I felt very comforted throughout the entire process. His extensive knowledge and the exceptional support from his entire team are unparalleled. It was amazing watching Mr. Neyland and Mr. Pearce in their element!

I had pretty serious charges facing some time and he certainly came through for me. It was a great win all the way around! My family and I are all very grateful for Greco & NEYLAND firm. Best lawyers and very friendly

Worth every dollar!


I don’t think words can convey…

Just tears streaming down my face thinking about Ben Pearce. To put it short, I am severely depressed with PTSD. I got into some legal problems, hired Ben, and things took a turn for the worst. My PTSD kicked in full gear. I even attempted suicide, not a small attempt, I’m super fortunate to be alive. Being in trouble just made me feel so unworthy. Too unworthy for this world, and the people who loved me, nothing and no one mattered. It was all I could see, was that I messed up, and no one expected this from me, not Sara. I was overwhelmed, I couldn’t handle it. Ben never gave up on me. Through this whole rollercoaster part of my life, Ben Pearce was right there behind me, even beside me. Yes, it is a monetary transaction and contract. I understand this, but he went above and beyond. You can’t put a price on an attorney who cares. He’s passionate about his career and it shows in his work, and in his demeanor. He’s a magnificent attorney, I can’t express that enough. The part of my life that was fixable, he fixed. He is proof that with the right council, the truth always comes to light. Inside and outside of the courtroom. As far as the courtroom, Ben Pearce knows the law and will FIGHT for you. What more could anyone ask for in an attorney? I will always refer everyone to Ben, he was sort of an angel in this period of my life. He is the BEST attorney. Hands down.

- focused forever

Dustan deserves more than just a five-star rating!! He’s the BEST Attorney you can find anywhere there is no better in my opinion. He is always there to answer any questions or concerns. You can tell right away after meeting him that he is very educated and definitely knows the law like the back of his hand. I can’t say enough good things about Dustan. I’m so glad that I had him to represent me.

- Trey Vaughn

Boy! Mr. Neyland is a talented and reliable lawyer. I had a Family Assault situation in which I was framed and he got my case dismissed in less than 10 months. This was my first run in with the law and I was scared for my future. However, Mr. Neyland comforted me by being responsive, keeping me updated, and directing all of his energy to my case. I’m definitely using him for the expunction of my case!.

- deandre dawson

Money well spent!! Case dismissed first court date. Ben Pearce works for you!

- Lohoefer Construction

Stop here!!! If you are looking for a criminal lawyer, you have to go here. My son has a criminal record, he had three felonies and one misdemeanor case while on probation he took new charges, all the lawyers gave him an impossible case and gave him at least 5 years in prison and I went to this office and had the opportunity to meet the lawyer Ben Pearce, at first he seemed young to me, but something in my heart gave me confidence in him and I told him, I’m going to come back tomorrow and I did.!!! His confidence gave me peace in my heart. He never promised me anything except that he was going to fight for my son and in less than a month he achieved what no one could or wanted to do. They said he was going to lose my money and he did it and dropped four charges against my son in less than a month. This guy is amazing. If you get the chance to meet him, you did it! You are the best honest and professional lawyer there is, I speak Spanish and still the communication was perfect all the time, you always answered my phone and also visited my son in jail, God bless you Sr. Ben Pearce, you are an amazing lawyer and your career will be successful. You brought peace back to my family. On behalf of my son and my family we are grateful for his work. Lawyer Ben Pearce is worth gold. These lawyers are not playing games, they take each case very seriously.

- Soley Plasencia

Absolutely great! Ben took care of all of my problems! Highly recommended he took the time to deal with my issues like his own i have no complaints!

- Erick George

Amazing Attorney, very responsive even after hours. Answered all my questions and helped me with an old case and cleared everything up in less than 24 hours. Highly recommend!

- Justin McDonald

Very professional and detail oriented and will go above and beyond , Mr Ben Pearce promise that I was an priority and stayed on top of my case and kept me informed even being busy with all other cases, hiring Mr Pearce was my best option he was also able to educate me a little on my situation and gave me sound advice that help me . The outcome was all in my favor thanks for his professional and diligent work, if you are in a jam I would recommend Greco Neyland law firm.

- Ray Robinson

I had the privilege of working with Ben, an extraordinary lawyer, who successfully helped me dismiss a felony misdemeanor charge along with a misdemeanor charge for assault. From the moment I consulted with Ben until the resolution of my case, his professionalism, expertise, and dedication were unparalleled. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

First and foremost, Ben’s extensive knowledge of the legal system impressed me. He possessed a deep understanding of the intricacies surrounding my case, including the relevant laws and precedents. His expertise instilled confidence in me, knowing that my defense was in the hands of a legal mastermind.

Ben’s strategic approach was equally remarkable. He meticulously analyzed every aspect of my case, leaving no stone unturned. He was thorough in gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and identifying potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument. Ben’s attention to detail was impeccable, ensuring a comprehensive defense strategy that ultimately led to a favorable outcome.

What truly sets Ben apart is his exceptional communication skills. Throughout the entire process, he kept me informed and reassured, promptly addressing any concerns or questions I had. He patiently explained legal jargon, ensuring that I understood the proceedings and potential implications. Ben’s ability to convey complex legal concepts in a concise and accessible manner is a testament to his remarkable communication skills.

Beyond his legal expertise, Ben demonstrated genuine care and empathy. He understood the emotional toll that such legal matters can have on individuals, and he provided invaluable support throughout the entire process. Ben’s ability to balance professionalism with compassion created a comforting environment, fostering trust and confidence in his abilities.

Lastly, Ben’s courtroom presence was truly awe-inspiring. His eloquence, poise, and persuasive arguments were captivating. It was evident that he had meticulously prepared for each hearing and trial. Ben’s confidence and commanding presence were instrumental in establishing a strong defense, ultimately leading to the dismissal of the charges against me.

In conclusion, working with Ben was an exceptional experience. His expertise, strategic approach, excellent communication, empathy, and courtroom prowess make him an outstanding lawyer. I am forever grateful for his dedication and unwavering commitment to securing the best possible outcome for my case. If you find yourself in need of legal representation, I wholeheartedly recommend Ben as the attorney who will tirelessly fight for your rights and ensure justice is served.

Thank you, Ben, for your exceptional service!

- Alex L

If you are looking for a good Criminal attorney, you have come to the right place. Dustan Neyland did an amazing job in getting my brother’s felony case dismissed when the justice system wrongly charged him with a crime he didn’t commit. Thank you Dustan!

- daranijo temitope

Counselor Neyland was an assertive and supportive representative for me through a challenging situation with a vexatious litigant. His professionalism unveiled the truth and dismissed false allegations swiftly and effectively.

- Kyla Meyer

Dustan Neyland is one of the best attorneys out there. He’s reasonably priced and gets the job. Got all 3 of my cases completely dismissed. He explains everything very well so that you can understand what’s going on at all times. Could not have asked for better results or a better attorney, you have got to go talk to dustan if you have any legal issues he will get it sorted out for you.

- Devin Splawn

Attorney Ben and Dustan are God sent! They are the best in Town! If you ever have legal issues, please save yourself the stress and come to them. Attorney Ben is so professional and fantastic. He knows his job very well and very humble. I was so stressed facing what i don’t know. I have never had legal issues in my life but Attorney Ben Pearce Got two cases against me dismissed within short period of time. I highly recommend the firm to anyone in need of defense attorney. God bless you Sir.

- Humphrey Onyedili

CASE DISMISSED! I am so grateful! I have cried for months scared every time I reached out Dustan personally called me and reassured me! He was there every step of the way. I spoke with so many lawyers and he was the only lawyer that cared for me. He puts his clients first! What lawyer does this?? He does not care about money only fighting for you and standing by your side. I prayed each and everyday before I found a lawyer and Dustan name came across my screen Thank you Dustan please continue being the amazing person you are. The world needs more lawyers like you !

- Destiny Tolbert

Dunstan and the staff at Greco Neyland are truly professional and very helpful and understanding through the process. I was facing a felony case and Dunstan got it no billed .

- Justin Washington

The staff at Greco Neyland helped a friend of mine on a case. Everyone was so nice and friendly! I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs someone knowledgeable who also really cares about their clients.

- Jordan Bradshaw

They did a great job getting rid of my parking and speeding tickets. I recommended them to my friends and family. And they’ve also experienced the same professionalism and great quality service at an affordable price.

- Kenny McKee

Greco Neyland Firm exceeded my expectations in every way. Jeff and Eli did a fantastic job handling my case and ultimately secured a victorious outcome for me. Their dedication, expertise, and professionalism made a challenging situation much more manageable. I highly recommend Greco Neyland to anyone in need of legal representation. They’re the best!…

- Shobha Radia

Greco Neyland Firm exceeded my expectations in every way. Jeff and Eli did a fantastic job handling my case and ultimately secured a victorious outcome for me. Their dedication, expertise, and professionalism made a challenging situation much more manageable. I highly recommend Greco Neyland to anyone in need of legal representation. They’re the best!…

- Shobha Radia

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