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In the event of criminal charges in Harris County, you not only have the right to competent legal counsel but deserve a defense that is strong, strategic and focuses on your best interest at all times. These characteristics can be difficult to find when accepting representation from a court provided by the public defender. Public defenders often have busy schedules and little control over their caseloads. This leads to far too many settlements and serious complications with forming a winning defense.

In contrast, a private criminal defender, like the Harris County Lawyer at Greco Neyland, can dedicate the time and attention your Harris County or Houston case deserves.

Your Criminal Defense in Harris County

Greco Neyland is a full-service criminal defense firm, with an office located right here in Harris County. A criminal lawyer in our office has a manageable caseload and a true desire to see your criminal charges dismissed. We are committed to a results-driven, successful approach to defense in Harris County.

Our Harris County and Houston office provide criminal defense to:

  • Property crimes: Harris County prosecutes a wide range of property crimes under the Texas Penal Code – our familiarity with these laws and the Harris County local courts give you an advantage in your defense to shoplifting, grand larceny, and other thefts.
  • Drunk driving offenses: Whether a first-time offender or facing a felony DWI charge, our team of DWI lawyers has the experience needed to limit or eliminate the repercussions of these offenses.
  • Burglary and violent crimes: We place a strong emphasis on acquittal when it comes to defending burglary and violent crimes found under the Texas Penal Code.
  • Prostitution Charges: Our experience in defense of prostitution charges extends to all types, severity, and perspective on these offenses. We handle minor offenses before the Harris County municipal court and those charges that require the attention of the local criminal court.
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance: There are several drug offenses that you could face in Harris County, but possession of a controlled substance is by far the most common. No matter the severity of the charges, Greco Neyland has experience with defense here and in Houston.
  • Possession of Guns and Firearms: Harris County has lenient laws for the ownership and possession of guns and other firearms, but breaking the laws put in place by the State of Texas can result in serious charges. Our defense to these gun possession charges has a high rate of success in Harris County.

If the charges against you don’t fit into one of the above categories, you can still contact Greco Neyland. Our office is available 24/7, and if we can’t take your case, we’ll help you find a contact or criminal lawyer in Harris County who can.

Speaking with a Harris County Criminal Lawyer at Greco Neyland

It’s simple to reach a Harris County criminal lawyer at Greco Neyland. Our office is open and available to take your call 24/7 and we provide a no-hassle, no-stress approach to meeting with a lawyer. Call our Harris County office, and we’ll arrange a free consultation. Just call (713) 972-1100.


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