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David Hilton is employed as the in-house Legal Case Investigator for Greco Neyland. David is a United Stated Navy Combat Veteran, serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He and earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from The University of Texas at San Antonio and attended law school at South Texas College of Law. David is also certified in conducting Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. He began his career in the legal industry as a researcher and tax collector working for a national law firm that represented local governments.

Here, at Greco Neyland, PC, David assists the attorneys in conducting a thorough factual investigation of each case by tracking down witnesses, conducting witness interviews, examining evidence, and obtaining video and audio evidence. He has worked on wide variety of cases from criminal mischief and DWIs to armed robbery and homicide. David uses a variety of methods to find the information necessary to assist in the attorneys in defending the firm’s clients.

Anyone who finds themselves accused by the government will need a fully capable defense team with the resources and skills necessary to prepare a solid defense. A firm with a full-time investigator such as David will ensure that your defense resources will be used to your full advantage.


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