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The most serious theft charges in Harris County are often referred to as grand larceny or grand theft. These charges are among the most serious property crimes in Texas and can result in the longest possible sentence under state law, life in prison. Your defense to this offense is critical and deserves the attention, dedication, and skill of a Houston grand larceny lawyer.

At Greco Neyland, we handle all types of criminal charges for theft, shoplifting, and grand larceny. Our team isn’t just experienced in these case, we are also successful. We’ve built a strong track record of good outcomes in Harris County, which extends across all types of crimes and accusations.

Best Harris County Grand Larceny Attorney

The Texas Penal Code criminalizes all theft offenses in Harris County, including grand larceny or grand theft. This set of statutes doesn’t specifically define grand larceny, but rather has a comprehensive theft law that covers all variety and severity of thefts in the state. Places like Harris County and Houston apply these laws through local law enforcement and prosecutors.

Theft is a broad crime in Harris County. The laws say that theft is anytime an individual:

  1. unlawfully appropriates;
  1. property belonging to another person;
  1. with the intent to withhold the property or keep it from the rightful owner.

Grand larceny typically applies to those theft offenses in Harris County that are grave enough to be felony offenses. The theft of property valued over $20,000 is always a felony offense and considered grand larceny, while lesser charges would be called shoplifting, petty theft, or simply, theft.

Punishment for a Grand Larceny Conviction in Harris County

A grand larceny conviction comes with steep criminal punishment. Depending on the severity of the charges, this can include payment of a fine and/or a prison sentence. A Harris County court can take several factors into consideration when deciding the length and amount of a sentence for grand larceny, but one factor is usually determinative. The value of the stolen property frequently dictates the length of incarceration and amount of the fine.

  • Felony in the third degree is grand larceny of property valued at $20,000, but less than $100,000.
  • Felony in the second degree is grand larceny of property valued at $100,000, but less than $200,000.
  • Felony in the first degree is grand larceny of property valued at $200,00 or more.

The most serious grand larceny charge is for a felony in the first degree. This offense can lead to a maximum 99 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.

Usually, we just think of the punishment for a crime as the sentence handed down in court, but there are wider and longer lasting punishments. A grand larceny conviction in Harris County can mean the loss of job opportunities and strain on personal relationships. It could also mean losing a professional license or pay major costs imposed by an administrative body.

These other impacts of grand larceny in Harris County are additional reasons to ensure you have a robust defense by a Harris County lawyer.

Find a Top Grand Larceny Lawyer in Harris County

Your choice of legal representation to grand larceny charges is very important. The grand larceny lawyer in Harris County that takes your case is responsible for securing your rights, privileges, and providing representation before the court.

At Greco Neyland, we recognize the responsibility of a Harris County criminal lawyer and take it seriously in every case. Whether you are facing no jail time for petty theft or fifteen years for grand larceny, we’ll provide the best possible defense in your case.


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