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Weapons Offenses

It doesn’t take much for a situation to escalate beyond fisticuffs before weapons are brandished. Harris County prosecutors come down hard on defendants charged with a weapon offense. They seek convictions mercilessly in order to brand you a “violent criminal” for life.

Whether you were charged with using a weapon against someone, threatening someone with bodily injury with a weapon, or merely charged with possessing a weapon, you need to get quality representation fast.

Like most criminal cases, the early investigation is absolutely critical. Often times a witness statement will prove to be vital later on in the case. However, in order for that to help you on your case you need to have a criminal defense lawyer who will actually fight for you and obtain these witness statements to assist in your defense.

Don’t wait any longer before you take action on your case. Call a weapons defense lawyer immediately at 1-888-50-GRECO and get us on your case today before you get convicted and labeled a “violent” offender.