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Alcoholic Beverage Code Violations in Sexually Oriented Businesses

If law enforcement is hoping to shut down adult entertainment venues such as lounges, strip clubs or gentlemen’s club one of the most common attacks is alcohol violations. As a key source of income the sale of alcohol provides much of the lifeblood of these establishments. The same general rules and regulations, such as a prohibition of alcohol sales to minors, still apply but these clubs face an additional and unique regulation.

This is the rule governing the sale of drinks to exotic dancers or adult entertainers. In the past it was long a tactic of adult entertainment venues to boost revenues by getting the dancers to persuade customers to buy them drinks.

Often watered down versions of the real thing these sales contributed heavily to the bottom line of many a clubs. While it is completely permissible for a dancer to have drinks while working, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) has stated clearly that the dancer or entertainer may not initiate the request. The patron can offer to buy a drink but the dancer may not suggest that they do so. The TABC states clearly that this is not allowed and if this takes place then the offender will be arrested for a liquor violation.

The trick is to catch the dancer in the act or to prove that they initiated a request for a drink. A vice officer undercover in a club is unlikely to be able to overhear conversations while loud music is playing or a performance is taking place. This means that the agent must act deceptively in order to create a violation and to catch a performer in an offense. This sets up a very shady set of circumstances in which there are frequently no other witnesses or evidence available except for the agent’s accusation.

If accused of this violation, it is urgent that you get legal assistance at once. To adequately defend against these charges and to fight get them dismissed it is important to hire a Houston Sexually Oriented Business Defense lawyer with experience in the unique aspects of this area of legal practice.

Fighting Alcohol Beverage Code Violations in a Sexually Oriented Business Place

These types of charges must be fought against vigorously. The loss of a liquor license can easily put a club or adult venue out of business and should not be risked by hiring a lawyer without the depth and experience necessary. You should seek the expertise of a team such as the lawyers at Greco Neyland, PC. We have fought for many years on the behalf of clients in the sexually oriented business world and fully understand what it takes to get this job done.

Don’t take risks if you or your business has been charged and your liquor license could be at risk. It is very important that you contact a Houston Sexually Oriented Business Defense Attorney without delay.


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