Intoxication Manslaughter  – No Billed

  • Client was involved in an accident and had drugs in his system.  We were able to show the grand jury that the drugs were not psychoactive at the time of the accident.

Aggravated Assault – Not Guilty

  • Female client stabbed another female co-worker who kept trying to fight her.  After the third time trying to get her to fight, the client pulled out a knife and stabbed the other girl in the stomach.

Firearms Trafficking (Federal Court) – Reduced Sentence

  • Client was facing guidelines sentence of more than the maximum 10 year cap and a recommended sentence of 10 years by the US Attorney and US Probation Department.  Through a persuasive sentencing memorandum, we were able to obtain a sentence of 48 months, more than half of the recommended sentence.

Injury to a Child – No Billed

  • Client was accused of causing a brain injury by blunt force trauma to his young son.  We were able to re-create the defense theory for the grand jury to show that the injuries were caused by accident when the father was playing with his child.

Prostitution – Not Guilty

  • Client was accused of soliciting an undercover officer for oral sex.  After trying the case, we were able to show the jury that the client was being falsely accused by an overzealous vice unit to make arrests.

Driving While Intoxicated – Not Guilty

  • Client had fallen asleep at the wheel after having a minor accident.  After educating the jury about field sobriety testing and demonstrating the arresting officer’s lack of expertise, the jury did not believe that the state proved intoxication beyond a reasonable doubt.

Possession of Marijuana (110 Pounds) – Motion to Suppress Granted

  • Client was stopped on US 59 as he was driving into Liberty County.  The trooper accused him of driving in the left lane and not passing.  After the client refused to let the trooper search his case, a K9 sniff revealed 110 pounds of marijuana in the back of the SUV.  After a hearing before the court, the Defense convinced the Judge that the trooper did not have probable case to stop or detain the defendant and ruled that the marijuana was illegally seized.