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Expert Witnesses

In any given criminal case, there will be expert witnesses to testify during trial. 9 times out of 10, those “expert” witnesses will be the State’s expert witnesses. Most defense cases will not involve expert witnesses, despite the absolute need for them. This is typically due to financial reasons, but there are a lot of expert witnesses who are nevertheless very financially reasonable considering the value they bring to the case.

DWI cases are prime examples of criminal cases where an expert witness can be critical. Since breath testing and blood testing involve a lot of science that will be crammed down the jury’s throat, the need for a defense expert to counter that “science” is very demanding.

A qualified DWI defense attorney will be able to properly advise you and consult with you about the process of retaining an expert and which expert is likely best for your particular case.

  • Defense Expert – Breath Test Expert
  • Blood Test Expert