Grand larceny, otherwise known as theft or felony theft in Texas, is the most serious theft offense in Houston. Individuals charged with grand larceny in Houston or Harris County face punishment exceeding one year in prison and could potentially spend a lifetime incarcerated. Not only do you need a Houston grand larceny lawyer to defend these charges, but you also deserve a robust defense.

Greco Neyland is a Houston-based law firm with extensive experience with grand larceny charges and Texas criminal law, more generally. We provide a tough defense to every and any theft case and have the knowledge to ensure your interests are protected throughout the criminal justice process. Ready to start building a defense to grand larceny in Houston?

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Grand Larceny Law Firm in Houston

All crimes of theft in Houston are defined and set by the laws of the State of Texas. This includes offense for shoplifting, receipt of stolen property, and taking property you believe to be stolen. A grand larceny lawyer in Houston must know and understand these criminal statutes to thoroughly and reliably represent a defendant. A Houston prosecutor similarly uses these laws to win a conviction for grand larceny or other theft offense.

Under the Texas statutes, grand larceny is any felony theft offense. In many ways, the definition of grand larceny is the same as theft, generally, in Houston. Charges for grand larceny involve:

  1. Unlawfully appropriating;
  1. The property of another person;
  1. With the intent to deprive the rightful owner of such property.

The difference between this definition of theft found in Section 31.03 of the Texas Penal Code and grand larceny is the fair market value of the property stolen or unlawfully appropriated. There is no stated or specific definition for grand larceny in Texas, but most Houston criminal lawyers apply the term to the theft of property over $20,00, which is a felony offense.

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What Is the Punishment for Grand Larceny in Houston?

As with other criminal offenses in Houston, such as drug charges, gun charges, and general theft offenses, the punishment for a grand larceny conviction can vary. The severity of felony charges and potential penalty or sentence can be based upon several factors, but the value of property stolen is typically determinative.

In the Texas Penal Codes, it specifies several different degrees of grand larceny divided by the total value of a stolen property. These degrees are:

  • Felony in the third degree: when the property is valued between $20,000 and $100,000;
  • Felony in the second degree: when the property is valued between $100,000 and $200,000; and
  • Felony in the first degree: when the property is valued over $200,000.

Any felony in the first degree can be punished by life in prison, and grand larceny in Houston is no different. This is a criminal charge that requires the expertise of a Houston theft lawyer.

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