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Synthetic Marijuana and other Synthetic Substances :: Houston Synthetic Marijuana Lawyer Greco Neyland, PC

Synthetic Marijuana and other Synthetic Substances

The latest craze on the drug scene is the emergence of synthetic marijuana. It first came out as “herbal essence” or “natural herbs” that were sprayed with synthetic chemicals. When combined the effects they have on users actually mimic the effects one would experience if smoking marijuana. The two most popular synthetic marijuana substances were called “K2” and “Spice.”

In the beginning, these synthetic substances were legal. Texas has since banned all synthetic substances and made the very possession of them per se illegal. We blogged on our blog, Houston Criminal Defender, about this very issue.

The important thing to understand is that each and every one of these cases needs to be fought. Do not plead guilty to these offenses. You need a qualified synthetic drug defense lawyer to help you fight these charges and keep them off your record.