How Does Electronic Monitoring Work in Houston, TX?

08 Feb 2023
Greco Neyland, PC

Over 4,000 defendants are wearing electronic monitoring devices here in Harris County.

Agreeing to an ankle bracelet may be a viable strategy for keeping you out of jail. Judges may use the bracelet as a condition of pretrial release. Bracelets also serve as a condition of parole for many Houston convicts.

The bracelets confine you to a specific geographic area. You can only travel to locations within a predefined zone. Your parole or probation officer receives an alert if you leave the area.

Most of the time, you must obtain permission to leave your home. Sometimes, you’ll receive standing permission to be out of your home for a certain predefined number of hours each day.

Location Restrictions

If you’re allowed to leave your home, you’ll usually only be allowed to visit work, treatment centers, schools, churches, community service locations, and sometimes grocery stores.

Will I have to pay for an electronic monitoring device?

Most people will have to pay for the device.

Prices can range between $5 to $25 per day. You’ll also have to pay an installation fee that can range between $175 to $200.

Will I face other restrictions?

You will be responsible for keeping the device charged, which may mean spending some time tethered near a plug.

You are prohibited from tampering with the device in any way.

Finally, remember that many of these devices can eavesdrop and record conversations. Be careful what you say while you are wearing a monitoring device.

Who is eligible for electronic monitoring?

There is a lot of interest in the program because while living with a bracelet isn’t great, it’s better than jail.

Judges and prosecutors generally offer the monitor to first-time, non-violent offenders. Ideal defendants have jobs. Judges and prosecutors will also consider monitors for defendants with severe medical conditions.

Charged with a crime?

An ankle bracelet is one of the options we can explore for your defense. Ideally, we’d find a different way to handle your case. For example, we’ve been successful in helping Houston area defendants get their cases dropped or dismissed. We have also successfully defended clients at trial.

Don’t make any decisions about wearing an electronic monitoring device without speaking to a dedicated criminal defense attorney with the time and resources to review your case in-depth.

Call Greco Neyland to schedule a case review today.

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