3 Reasons You Need a Private Criminal Lawyer for Your Houston, TX Case

31 May 2023
Greco Neyland, PC

If you’ve been charged with a crime here in Harris County, you’re facing one of the most dangerous situations you could possibly face.

You may be afraid you can’t afford a private criminal lawyer. But if you’d like to give yourself your best chance of getting past this arrest unscathed, you can’t afford to have anything less than an experienced, private criminal defense attorney on your side.

Here are three reasons you should prioritize hiring a private criminal lawyer.

#1) Houston Public Defenders Are Overwhelmed

As it happens, public defenders are overwhelmed all over the nation. In many counties, public defenders do little more than negotiate plea deal after plea deal, moving people through the criminal justice system like they’re packaged products on an assembly line.

Here in Texas, 19 public defender’s offices support 39 counties. The rest use a limited public defender program only for juveniles and mentally ill defendants but use a system of managed assigned counsel instead. Managed assigned lawyers often have too many cases, too.

Public defender offices are underfunded and face staffing shortages. Most are good people. Many are excellent lawyers. But no lawyer is meant to handle 1500 to 2000 cases a year. (By contrast, we handle 200 to 300 cases a year).

#2) Private Lawyers Conduct Thorough Investigations

As experienced criminal lawyers, we have investigators on staff who can interview witnesses and find exculpatory evidence on your behalf if it exists. Every piece of information we uncover can open options and strengthen your case.

We have the time to handle these cases and the energy to give them our full attention. It makes a difference.

#3) Private Lawyers Get More Acquittals

Statistically, private lawyers simply get more acquittals than public defenders and are more likely to get cases dropped or dismissed.

We’re not saying public defenders never win cases. We’re just pointing out that private lawyers win more of them.

Get Help Today

We do everything we can to keep our services as affordable as possible. Contact us for a case review. We’ll explain our fee structure and do what we can to work with you.

Don’t let money keep you from hiring a private lawyer. If you lose your freedom, you’ll lose your job and housing. Hiring a lawyer protects every other part of your life.

Contact us to get started now.

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