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If you are facing criminal charges in Houston or Harris County, we know one of the biggest questions on your mind is, “what will it take to win my case?” You want to know the experience required, the mindset necessary, and how to find the right criminal lawyer. Search no further. Greco Neyland, PC is one of Houston’s top-rated criminal defense firms and one of the area’s most experienced law firms.

Beginning with our free consultation, we do everything necessary to understand your case and build a strong strategy; without wasting resources or your money. Each criminal defense lawyer at our firm is highly trained, highly-experienced trial attorney. As experienced and successful criminal defense lawyers, we are prepared to fight the government every step of the way - because that’s what it takes to win your case.

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Greco Neyland, PC offers a wide range of defense services in Houston and Harris County. We continue to represent clients accused of DWI and theft, while taking on major cases involving charges for manslaughter or sex crimes. Irrespective of the accusations against you, you’ll receive the same tough and strategic legal representation from your criminal defense attorney.







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Houston Criminal Lawyer


A top Houston criminal lawyer sees your case from all angles. Our team at Greco Neyland, PC is comprised of former prosecutors and talented defense lawyers. Not only do we value our former experience on the other side of the aisle, but we know it works for our clients.

As prosecutors, we spent substantial time in the courtroom, developed strong litigation skills, and have a deep understanding of how current prosecutors build cases. This insight into how criminal cases are prepared and presented makes each of us a better criminal defense attorney. We are better at spotting the holes in a prosecutor’s case and know how prosecutors think. These skills allow Greco Neyland, PC to be the strong defense you need.

Criminal Attorneys in Houston Texas

As a private criminal defense law firm, Greco Neyland, PC can offer clients significant advantages and a stronger defense. We carefully balance our time commitments and cases to ensure each client receives the necessary attention and communication from our criminal defense attorney team. While a public defender is overloaded with cases and taking more work each day, Greco Neyland, PC is able to provide a far better client experience, which equals a better defense - and the best possible outcome for you.

Houston Criminal Lawyer

  • Actual trial experience
  • Clear and consistent communication
  • Former prosecutors
  • Reputation for tough defense
  • Experience with serious felonies
  • Commitment to Houston community


Rated 5/5 based on 52 customer reviews

Kenny McKee
Kenny McKee
17:11 11 Dec 18
They did a great job getting rid of my parking and speeding tickets. I recommended them to my friends and family. And they've also experienced the same professionalism and great quality service at an affordable price.
Brian Gomez
Brian Gomez
16:50 11 Dec 18
Dustan and his staff create the best team. They know the law, and made me feel like I was involved and understood everything that was going on. Dustan took the time to explain to me and my family what we could expect, and then led the way.
Heidi Etter
Heidi Etter
15:33 11 Dec 18
Dustan and his staff helped handle my divorce proceedings. He was incredibly knowledgeable and on top of everything I needed to do. Everything was handled in a timely and professional manner. I’m very thankful for his expertise in helping me to manage a difficult situation.
Jordan Bradshaw
Jordan Bradshaw
15:31 11 Dec 18
The staff at Greco Neyland helped a friend of mine on a case. Everyone was so nice and friendly! I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs someone knowledgeable who also really cares about their clients.
Justin Washington
Justin Washington
23:12 06 Nov 18
Dunstan and the staff at Greco Neyland are truly professional and very helpful and understanding through the process. I was facing a felony case and Dunstan got it no billed . I definitely recommend this firm if you want a lawyer that’s going to defend and fight for you.
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Are you facing charges? We can help.

Were you arrested for assault or shoplifting? Maybe you are facing charges in Harris County for burglary or drug possession. You could even have an arrest and arraignment for driving while intoxicated (DWI). Perhaps you've been accused of domestic violence. No matter the charges, your arrest in Houston puts you in the middle of one of the country’s harshest criminal justice systems. But you don’t have to navigate criminal defense and facing a Houston prosecutor alone.

After an arrest or any crime in Houston, you need a free consultation with an outstanding criminal defense attorney in Houston, even if that criminal offense seems minor or insignificant. Here’s why:

A conviction for a crime, any crime, can have a major impact on your life. Not only could you face a jail sentence or criminal fine, but an impact on your professional life and future finances. The repercussions of a criminal conviction could follow you for years. But you have an opportunity to fight criminal charges and minimize the impact of this tough time on your future – hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney that is approved by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization ensures you have a strategic and effective defense.

A Harris County Criminal Defense Attorney You Can Trust

Our Houston criminal law team here at Greco Neyland strives to provide the very best legal defense to every client. Our focus on consistent, high-quality defense makes each one of us a better criminal defense attorney and a better advocate for our clients. We are approved by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. The benefits are all yours.

Greco Neyland hires former prosecutors. Our legal team has been on both sides of the aisle and understands the mindset of a Houston criminal prosecutor. We use this knowledge to build a better case for every single defendant.

Top Harris County Criminal Defense Attorney

Greco Neyland has experience in the courtroom. There are law firms out there with no experience in the courtroom – at Greco Neyland, you’ll find each of our criminal defense attorneys is experienced and successful in court. We don’t need to settle every case with a plea bargain because we know we can win at trial.

Greco Neyland is tough. Every defense attorney here is a forceful advocate for our clients. We don’t stop fighting for you and will go to any lengths to collect evidence, find a witness, and prepare for a Harris County trial. The difference is in our ability to win acquittals in Houston criminal courts.

Our criminal law firm can defend your case

Criminal defense attorneys help you navigate every step of your Harris County criminal law case. If you are arrested in Houston, your trial could be months away. In the meantime, you will face arraignment, a bail hearing, pretrial motions, discovery, and even intermittent hearings. You must seek out an experienced Houston Criminal Lawyer.

Greco Neyland helps you with all of these legal procedures, but we do much more than show up in court. Our team of lawyers at Greco Neyland helps your case by tracking timelines and deadlines, coordinating necessary communication, drafting motions, handling discovery, collecting evidence and witness statements, and setting the strategy for trial.

Houston Crime Lawyer

We also emphasize the importance of adequate representation knowing the specifics of your case. Often,a public defender has too many cases and not enough time to dig into the details of your situation. At Greco Neyland, PC your criminal defense attorney will carefully assess your case, and from there determine the best course of action. That means your defense from Greco Neyland is unique to your case and more likely to succeed.

Houston Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Wondering when to hire a criminal defense law firm? The answer is short and simple – as soon as possible. If you are facing criminal charges, the time to talk with a criminal lawyer is now. The sooner you meet with a criminal defense law firm the more impact a defense will have on your case.

If you are worried or anxious to pick up the phone can call a criminal defense law firm, know that Greco Neyland is different. We take calls 24/7, any day of the year and offer a free initial consultation to any potential client. Sit down and discuss your case in a cost-free, stress-free environment.

Accused in the State of Texas?

Let our experienced criminal defense firm defend your case

Greco Neyland, PC is a top-rated criminal defense law firm in Harris County and approved by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Our reputation is built on a consistent dedication to clients and tough representation in the courtroom. It is a reputation we worked hard to earn and continue to improve. It is also a reputation that highlights some of the reasons you should hire Greco Neyland, PC.

Our level of understanding and commitment to criminal defense in Houston extends far beyond knowing the laws. The legal team at Greco Neyland has extensive experience with all practice areas of criminal law in Houston. We recognize the prosecutors (and their strategies in court), we are familiar with the judges, and we know the key staff that could impact your case.

Plus, our client-oriented approach to criminal defense is unmatched. We treat your case as unique because it is. There are no “one size fits all” defenses at Greco Neyland, PC, and that helps us stay a step above other criminal defense firms.

You deserve the best Houston criminal defense lawyers

When you're charged with a crime, the Harris County court is there to judge - but as criminal defense attorneys, we are not. As such, you can expect the highest level of professionalism - no matter which area of criminal law your case involves. What's more, you can be 100% confident in your attorney/client relationship.

In our many years of experience, we have successfully represented people in a huge range of cases, including: sex crimes, domestic violence, aggravated sexual assault, drug offences, family violence, aggravated assault, intoxication manslaughter - and many, many more. We have a track record of using defense strategies to achieve the best possible results - reducing jail time to community service, not-guilty outcomes, or seeing the case dismissed. We deal with many types of criminal charge - and we approach each one with our client's very best interests at the core of what we do.

Not all criminal law firms are created equal - so if you want defense representation that will fight aggressively and tirelessly for you, you should get in touch with us here at Greco Neyland, PC. We're certain you will not find another Houston criminal defense attorney that will battle harder at state and federal level to protect your rights and get to the best possible outcome.



At Greco Neyland, PC, we follow a simple motto for our criminal defense practice, “prove it or try it.” If the government claims our client committed a crime, we challenge the prosecutor to prove it. When there are holes in the case or weaknesses in the prosecutor’s argument, we push for more. We like to fight and will go to court to protect the rights and freedom of our clients. This mentality was honed throughout our careers as former prosecutors and new defense lawyers. Now, as knowledgeable criminal defenders, we put it to work.

Founder’s Jeffery Greco and Dustan Neyland are former prosecutors with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. As former prosecutors, Jeff and Dustan know just how the other side thinks. They know how prosecutors prepare their cases for trial and they know the things that prosecutors look for to secure convictions in their cases, because Jeff and Dustan were trained by some of the best prosecutors in the nation. That training is absolutely critical to a successful outcome in your case.