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Violations of SOB Ordinance :: Houston Sexually Oriented Business Violation Lawyer Greco Neyland, PC

Violations of SOB Ordinance

Being Hit with Violations of the Sexually Oriented Business Ordinances

Adult bookstores, arcades, topless bars and others are under heavy legal restrictions. While city officials and law enforcement agencies say they are protecting the best interests of the community, in actuality a majority of these laws are based upon the enforcement of moral standards. Whether right or wrong, most of these laws are morality-based and create confused legal situations that must be addressed by a skilled attorney.

For example, if you run a red light or are apprehended stealing an item, these are simple infractions. However, to try and place similar standards to many of the sexually oriented business ordinances is more complicated. These violations often involve adjudication by the law enforcement agent. These violations can usually only be enforced when the situation has actually been set-up by a law enforcement agency. Imagine a police officer setting up a car accident in order to arrest you for reckless driving. Entrapment is a very common defense for those who are accused of violations in sexually oriented businesses, as it is not likely that a customer will make such a complaint.

Defending Sexually Oriented Business Violations

This is not a very common area of legal defense for most lawyers and law firms. Due to its unique nature and how they are charged you will need the representation and acumen of an experienced Sexually Oriented Business Defense Lawyer to effectively defend your case. Attorney Jeff Greco has a long history of successfully defending such cases. While the primary fight will be to have the charges dismissed without a trial, if this is not possible then Greco Neyland, PC is prepared to go to trial and fight to defend you.

Don’t take charges of ordinance violations sitting down. You have rights and can be defended. Contact a Houston Sexually Oriented Business Defense Lawyer for experienced and aggressive legal help.